Friday, March 20, 2009

Make your Personal Correspondence Stand Out - Literally

I ordered these letterpress mini-notes from Dingbat on They are absolutely gorgeous and came with mini-lopes perfect for gift giving. Dingbat is a perfect example of the revival of letterpress printing. Once considered out touch once modern printing arrived, letterpress stationery has undergone a drastic revival in the past 10 -15 years and is now considered high-end and unique. Letterpress printing gives dimension to the design or wording of the printing actually pressing the design into the paper. Many modern brides dream of using letterpress printed wedding invitations. Try these out - for the price (or less) of those mass-produced gift tags - choose letterpress instead and make a lasting impression on your gift recipient.

Price of this Tygr Luxe Item is $8.00.

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