Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bath Sheets?

I heard about these a year or so ago and finally decided to splurge and buy two of these from Restoration Hardware. The reason I waited so long is I was afraid my other bath towels would immediately develop an inferiority complex - and let's just say - they have officially requested I arrange counseling for them. I have used these towels nearly exclusively since they arrived. They are huge - measuring a massive 40" by 70". They are constructed of 100% cotton terry toweling from Turkey and feature 802 grams per square meter. Restoration Hardware claims they are exceptionally soft and long-lasting. I certainly hope so!

Price of this Tygr Luxe Item - $48.00 from Restoration Hardware - please note - as of the date of this post - currently some colors are 30% off.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Joy of Cooking

I bought this book for myself a couple years ago. I have the 75th Anniversary Edition. My Joy Book is starting to show wear and tear - true signs of a good cookbook. The story behind the cookbook is a fascinating one. A widow, Erma Rombauer, took her life savings and self-published the first Joy 75 years ago. Recently this book was named as one of the 150 most influential books of all time. Her family has maintained the cookbook over the years - this version involved her grandson. One of my family's favorite recipes is the Apple Crisp Dessert. Double the crust part of the recipe of you like your with extra crisp. A shortcut for this recipe is to use 2 cans of canned apples instead of fresh - don't worry - I won't tell. This is a fantastic recipe book for novices and pros alike. Need to know how to boil eggs? No problem. Want to create your own starter for sourdough bread - that's covered too! Want to know why unsalted butter is critical for those baking recipes - it's in here. Having said all that - if you're looking for large glossy pictures in your cookbook - this book is not for you. But if you're looking to create some fantastic food creations - give this one a try. I often give this cookbook for a wedding gift. Happy Joyful Cooking !!

Price for this Tygr Luxe feature - $24.50

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Green EVA Modular Jewelry Organizers - The Container Store

I love The Container Store! If you have never been - visit with caution as this place is addictive. It brings out the organizer in nearly everyone, even my husband. I recently bought a couple items from their Green EVA Modular Jewelry Organizer collection and have absolutely no regrets. The texture of these is difficult to describe other than it is a cross between suede and foam and gently cradles your jewelry. My favorite is the component with the holes - no more tangled earrings and it just looks and feels cool!

The price for all three Tygr Luxe components featured above is $15.00.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sweet Petula - Sweet Candles!!!

This is the first feature from one of my favorite websites - Etsy is a gathering place for all those crafty people who were lost on ebay or out there on the web on their own. Most of my gift shopping for others and myself takes place on this site.
Sweet Petula, in addition to being on Etsy, also has a brick-and-mortar building in Seattle, Washington. These candles smell fantastic, burn clean and last over 80 hours. Gigantic is appropriate and these tins measure at least 4 inches across the top!!! Sweet P and Ginger Blossum are my favorite candle scents so far! Sweet Petula consistently has amazing smelling products with high end packaging all the while being reasonably priced.

Price of this Tygr Luxe item is $14.00.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spring is Just Around The Bend

This is the time of year when I really crave fresh air, sunshine, flowers and warmer weather. Hopefully all the ice is behind us for the rest of the season. Much to my surprise when I visited Walmart the other day, I found they now carry Nicole OPI nail products. I found out about this line of OPI products a few years ago. Their philosophy is Respect the World - Respect Yourself and the products in the Nicole line are green with no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde and the glass is recyclable! Now that I have a touch of Spring Fever, it's time to start painting fingers and toes again! I picked up "Star of the Party" a nice spring violet and "Believe It, Do It" a beautiful princess pink. Treat yourself for Valentine's Day to this reasonably priced luxury.

Cost of this Tygr Luxe Fav is $5 - 6

Monday, February 9, 2009


Just in time for Valentine's Day - the best chocolate I have ever had - Bridgewater Chocolate from Brookfield, Connecticut. Yes, I have had Godiva and Godiva cannot compete with Bridgewater. Elegant packaging, reasonably priced and best of all - absolutely delicious. I've ordered a box of their toffees to send to my husband for Valentine's Day - shhhh - please keep it a secret.

Cost of this Tgyr Luxe Item - 1/2 pound box of Toffee Candies - $27.00 including shipping

Friday, February 6, 2009

My New Favorite Lotion - Drenched in Pink - Fresh and Clean


I ran across this at Bath & Body and have fallen in love with the fresh and clean smell - wow exactly how I would have described this scent. I'm hooked! This is a super rich and creamy lotion. If you are putting in your lotion warmer I would mix it with something less thick. I found that you can Drenched in Pink at Amazon. It seems to be sold out on most other sites, so I'm going to make this last.

Cost of this Tygr Luxe Fav - $15.99.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cold Nights Call for Warm Lotion

After years of putting on ice cold lotion before turning in for the night, I finally found a product that gently warms your lotion making it nice and toasty. I purchased the Conair lotion warmer from ebay and have enjoyed its output immensely. The only down side is that it does not work with the thicker body cream lotions. Hope this small luxury helps to you to stay moisturized during the cold months.

Cost of this Tygr Luxe Item - $35.00