Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sweet Petula - Sweet Candles!!!

This is the first feature from one of my favorite websites - Etsy is a gathering place for all those crafty people who were lost on ebay or out there on the web on their own. Most of my gift shopping for others and myself takes place on this site.
Sweet Petula, in addition to being on Etsy, also has a brick-and-mortar building in Seattle, Washington. These candles smell fantastic, burn clean and last over 80 hours. Gigantic is appropriate and these tins measure at least 4 inches across the top!!! Sweet P and Ginger Blossum are my favorite candle scents so far! Sweet Petula consistently has amazing smelling products with high end packaging all the while being reasonably priced.

Price of this Tygr Luxe item is $14.00.


  1. I love candles! I am at my fill right now, but the minute I am back in the market, I'll definitely check out Sweet Petula. Thanks for sharing!

  2. how sweet of you to write about my little company!

    Thanks so much!

    -Cory/Sweet Petula