Saturday, February 21, 2009

Joy of Cooking

I bought this book for myself a couple years ago. I have the 75th Anniversary Edition. My Joy Book is starting to show wear and tear - true signs of a good cookbook. The story behind the cookbook is a fascinating one. A widow, Erma Rombauer, took her life savings and self-published the first Joy 75 years ago. Recently this book was named as one of the 150 most influential books of all time. Her family has maintained the cookbook over the years - this version involved her grandson. One of my family's favorite recipes is the Apple Crisp Dessert. Double the crust part of the recipe of you like your with extra crisp. A shortcut for this recipe is to use 2 cans of canned apples instead of fresh - don't worry - I won't tell. This is a fantastic recipe book for novices and pros alike. Need to know how to boil eggs? No problem. Want to create your own starter for sourdough bread - that's covered too! Want to know why unsalted butter is critical for those baking recipes - it's in here. Having said all that - if you're looking for large glossy pictures in your cookbook - this book is not for you. But if you're looking to create some fantastic food creations - give this one a try. I often give this cookbook for a wedding gift. Happy Joyful Cooking !!

Price for this Tygr Luxe feature - $24.50

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